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Supplies, Services, and Encouragement for Filmmaking!

The IndyCine Filmmaking Page serves the Independent Cinema Producer!
Raise the money, Buy the film and tape stock, Rent the equipment, Hire the talent, Sweet-talk the cast and crew,
Get the movie made, Enter the festivals, Call the distributors, Get the movie sold!

As IndyCine Filmmakers ourselves, we created this page to link
the resources necessary to make Independent Features, all in one place.

Supplies, Services, and Encouragement for Filmmaking!.


Hollywood Manuals Camera, Projector, Equipment Manuals!
Sam Longoria Shh ! Secret Film School !
Filmmaking Books Only the books you need!

IndyCine Call Sheet Skilled workers for your movie
IndyCine Want Ads Buy, Sell, and Swap Filmmaking Gear
IndyCine Auctions Movie / Video / HD Equipment!
In-Sync MagazineNew and Used Film and Video Equipment

Roger George RentalsWorld's Best Special Effects!
Eastman Kodak Hollywood be thy name.
Fujifilm Film from waaay back East.

Directing Actors Download Directing Secrets!
North American Camera Camera Rental in the Midwest.
School of Photography Online Tips and Courses.
Tape on Line Sony, Fuji, Emtec and HHB media,
Batteries, Cases, Labels and more...
Toll-free 877.893.8273

Sam Longoria's Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Digital Filmmaking, fast and easy.
Crash course.
Make your movie NOW!

BEST 35mm Rawstock price anywhere.
As low as $.09/ft!

The Tape Store Cheap tape.
Dr. Rawstock Say aaahhh!
Tape Resources Killer Videotape Prices!

SMPTE By which all will be judged.
American Cinematographer Magazine I am a camera.
Film Sizes How big is your movie?

Hollywood Seminars Learn quality filmmaking in Hollywood - or wherever you are!
Christy's Editorial Supply Make the cut!

Final Cut Pro Apple's Best SD and HD Editing Software
Mole-Richardson All the great moviemaking tools


8or16to35 8mm Film? BLOW IT UP !!!
Vid2Film Digital Video? BLOW IT UP !!!
FREE DVD Authoring Guide Put your movie on a DVD!
Actors and Actresses Meet the players!
Chris/Den Productions Videography and Sound services!
Phase-L Productions Video editing and actor demos.
Dan Fissel Custom Music Original Music Scores for Radio and TV.
Jingles, Film Scores, Soundtracks, Production Beds, Voice-Talent.

Instant Filmmaking wisdom from Legendary Ivan Watson.
Uncle Ivan's great filmmaking book
to get started!

Directors Guild of America The union for film directors.
Entertainment Law Resource Mark Litwak's excellent advice.
Film-School-Facts Film Schools information and articles.
Foto Search Stock Footage and Video Clips All the stock footage you need! Online Distribution! Real-time movies, or download in minutes.

Are YOU Making These 10 Film Financing Mistakes? Entertainment Law information and Directory
Photoworks Don't forget! Shoot plenty of stills for publicity!
Stock Footage! Sometimes you just BUY a great shot!
Stare Photography Learn photography at your own pace.

Ascent Media Laboratory IndyCine Film Services in Burbank.
FotoKem IndyCine Film and Video in Burbank.
Motion Picture Laboratories N American List O'Labs.
Alpha Cine Laboratory The big Seattle Lab.
Forde Motion Picture Laboratory The little Seattle Lab, now absorbed.
DuArt IndyCine Film Services in New York.
WRS Lab IndyCine Film Services in Pittsburgh.
Yale Laboratory THE S8mm and 16mm film lab!
Franklin Laboratory Extra-careful black and white.
Film Lab list A film lab near you.


The Film Wizard Answers your Movie Tech Questions!
Ya Wanna Make A Movie? Used Equipment and Good Advice.
Screen Source One-stop Movie and TV Reference!
Action-Cut-Print! Filmmaking Resources and a Free Ezine for Directors

Stanley Kubrick Page 1 A cool tribute to the greatest IndyCine Moviemaker of all!
Stanley Kubrick Page 2 Another cool Stanley Kubrick Page!
Jerry Lewis The Total Filmmaker himself.

AMPAS We would like to link the Academy...
FilmMaker Magazine Not Mickey Mouse ears with film inside.

Counseling Day Anthony Watkins's funny movie,
how he made it, and HOW HE'S SELLING IT
are nothing short of BRILLIANT!

Young Man Kang Films Everything about talented
Artist & Filmmaker Young Man Kang and his movies!

Help Make My Film Evann Black's movie website
for her film "Wildflower." Help a nice girl make a great film!

How To Get Money For Anything - FAST!
How to reprogram yourself for success!

Interview. . . . . . . . . . . .Mini-course

Frog and Wombat Laurie Agard's Little Girl Detective Mystery,
(35mm feature starring Ronny Cox and Lindsay Wagner)

Independent Films The Source for Indie Film
Sponsored by the Feature Film Project

IndyFilmCo-op - Filmmaking Forum - New and really great. Virtual film co-op for
indy filmmakers - filmmaking, financing, shooting, screenwriting, editing, distribution!

IndieTalk - Filmmaking Forum - Discussion and resources for independent
filmmakers - discuss filmmaking, screenwriting, financing, distribution, and more!

Internet Movie Database Movie information on the Net.
iFilm Distribute YOUR movie!

SeattleWood NW Film Resource.
Sundance Howdy, Park City!
Slamdance The Film The Fun The Festival!

Small Movies YOU figure it out...

Movie Production Group Thousands of other filmmakers online!